GWH ワインラック 31.5in ブラック

GWH ワインラック 31.5in ブラック


? ???????? ?? ???% ???? ????? ????: The Wine Rack Wall Mounted is entirely made of natural wood. We never use MDF, PB, or composite wood. ???% ????-??????? ?????????? ????? - Increases the pipe's durability, scratch resistance, and rust and oxidation resistance. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. ? ??? ?????? ???????, ???? ??? ???% ???? ?????: GWH guarantees to only use safe paints without 6 toxic heavy metals, fulfilling high safety standards, and have been carefully tested by third parties. The surface of the Wall-mounted Wine Racks is covered with premium powder coating very thick without toxic 6 heavy metals. ? ????? ??????? ??? ?????????? ???????, resulting in a high-quality finish that poses no danger to the user, ensuring the safety of all family members. The Wall Wine Rack has a strong bearing. ? ???? ?? ????????: We've attempted to pre-assemble some details to make your installation easier and faster; you won't have to "mess" with small accessories, screws, etc. We even pre-screw the wooden plank with the iron hanging rack - the most difficult part to construct because it necessitates great attention to detail and specialized tools. I swear it only takes about 20 minutes to assemble the Wall Wine Racks for Wine Bottles as long as you follow the instructions properly and the gravity where you live is still working. ? ?????? ????? ???????: The 2-meter measuring tape - makes the Hanging Wine Rack easier to install shelves on the wall in a straight, even, and quick manner. 説明: Product's detail: 1. Materials : 100% Pine Solid Wood; 100% High-quality Galvanized Steel2. Size : Length 23.6 x Height 24.4 x Deep 7.87 in. The thickness of the board: 0.78 in. Pipe diameter: 0.78 in. 3. Easy 20-minute assembly . View the instruction sheet here.4. Lifetime manufacturer warranty return within 30 days. カテゴリー: ワインラックメーカー: GWHブランド: GWH高さ: 83.8 センチ幅: 25.4 センチ奥行: 13.7 センチ重量: 9.1 Kg


価格動向(GWH ワインラック 31.5in ブラック)

熱の傾向(GWH ワインラック 31.5in ブラック)